1/27-28 flagstaff/NAU


We kicked off the pincushioned tour with a run-out concert and master-class at NAU hosted by Steve Hemphill. It was an opportunity for several “firsts.”

1a. We packed and unleashed our tour vehicle (a Mercedes Sprinter diesel van- christened “the BAZmobile”) upon the open road. I’m sure this behemoth will get a dedicated post at a later time. I’ve taken to simply calling it “The Beast.”

1b. It was our first opportunity to do a schlep, setup and presentation. Back in Phoenix before the body of the tour we will refine this process and add several cables and switchers while also streamlining a bit, based on our NAU experience With some minor technical glitches, the show went well and it was a great chance to play some of the percussion music for the first time.

1c. We had our first post-concert “hang” at Flagstaff’s Beaver Street Brewery (nice, understated IPA and excellent saison). It was great to socialize and “talk shop” with Steve and his studio as well and former DMA colleague Stephen Dunn and NAU composer-in-residence Bruce Reiprich.

1d. It was our first overnight- again thanks to Steve and family for the hospitality.
Barry tried out the BAZmobile bunk, sleeping in 20-degree weather. A couple of PHX 80-degree days and he thawed out.

1e. It was our first lec/dem/masterclass. The NAU students were very attentive and had many questions. Thanks especially to Jordan Lewis of Sound Fabrications for all the assistance. Themes included repertoire choice, the role of percussion and electronics in the last century of music, and technology and software literacy for music educators/performers. We will visit these themes in subsequent master-classes.

1f. Barry is working on a vlog of the tour. It can be found in the “cushioned” page of our website.

1g. We had our first load out. Did we forget/lose/break anything? Time will tell…

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